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ESP Wireless

Created to manage the spectrum assets of ESP Leasing Corporation and to create new spectrum opportunities for SMR operations, ESP Wireless has been a fixture in the Chicagoland area two-way radio communications market since 1968.

ESP operates 800 and 900 MHz Privacy Plus, 800 and 900 MHz LTR, 220 MHz LTR, T-Band and UHF LTR, and UHF community repeaters. They have also acquired additional VHF and UHF “YG” licenses. They also carry city-wide and portable repeaters available if you need to expand your coverage area.

ESP’s digital, trunked two-way radios provides large fleet dealers who do not want to individually dial each of their vehicles with dispatch radio, allowing them to communicate with the entire fleet at the push of a button.

They maintain an extensive inventory of two-way handheld and mobile radios for purchase and/or rental to match your existing equipment needs, or they can customize an entirely new dispatch system for you. Rental radios are available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis


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